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Where convenience meets innovation. Don’t let insurance dictate your medical care. Tailored service, up-front cost, and no hidden fees.

Prescription Strength CBD

Natural pain relieving power. Hemp derived, all natural, maximum strength to safely treat pain without narcotics or drugs. Formulated at the highest medical strength and PCR profiled in the lab for quality, strength, and purity. Available in a variety of delivery methods from topical to gummies.

Conditions to Treat:

Neuropathy, Neuritis, Bursitis, Sprains, Laceration, Post Surgery, Inflammation, Burns, Injury

Nail Fungus Gel

Medical Grade anti-fungal, compound designed to fight the toughest fungal infections in the nail. Penetrates thick nail beds to actively kill fungal spores. Increase effectiveness in conjunction with class IV fungus laser.
Antifungal nail gel

Conditions to Treat:

Nail Fungus

Cracked Heels 

The first product of its kind backed with level-one scientific data. It restructures damaged lipid barrier within your skin to cure dry skin for good.

Conditions to Treat:

Dry Heels, Xerosis, Cracked Skin

Damaged Nail Spray

Not all cosmetically unappealing nails are fungus. Sometimes the cause of thick, cracked, or damaged nails is overabundance of scar tissue and overproduced keratin. The active ingredients break down the excess buildup and damage, helping reattach the nail and reduce unsightly appearance and pain.

Conditions to Treat:

Cosmetically damaged and painful nail, Ingrown Nails, Incurvated Nails, Post nail trauma

Medical Foot Soak

Medical grade foot soak has a scientific formula to resolve a variety of skin and nail ailments while soothing achy feet and nerves. Superior option to standard epson salt.

Conditions to Treat:

Ingrown Nails, Nail Fungus, Dry Skin, Achy Feet

Foot & Shoe Deodorant

Podoexpert targets the source of the fungus, athletes foot or foot odor to get to the source of the infection. Socks and shoes can house bacteria and fungus that can reinfect the foot and reverse months of hard work. Podoexpert is scientifically engineered and backed by research to effective rid the organisms causing reinfection without having to take extreme measures.

Conditions to Treat:

Post Athletes Foot, Foot or Shoe Odor, Nail Fungus, Sweaty Feet

Foot & Toe Spacers

Variety of silicon spacers to fit every toe shape, size, and ailment. Shields, paddings, spacers, sling, offload pads.

Conditions to Treat:

Hammertoes, Crossover Toe, Callus, Ulcer, Ingrown, Swollen Toes, Broken Toes

Over the Counter (OTC) Orthotics

Not every over the counter is created equal. Dr. Barnetts has hand selected a variety of special inserts specifically designed for each foot type and shoe size to help correct foot pain and aliment using structure, padding, and support for each specific need he sees in someones gait.

Conditions to Treat:

Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, High Arch, Arthritis, Deformities, Bunions, Injury, Foot Pain, Sore Feet, and more

Custom 3D Orthotics

Using state-of-the-art material, padding, and design, custom orthotics done by Dr. Barnett not only reverse the pain but prevents future injuries and trouble. Using 3D imaging software with over 500 possible modifications, Dr. Barnett’s orthotics and biomechanics evaluation is a step above.

Conditions to Treat:

Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, High Arch, Arthritis, Deformities, Bunions, Injury, Foot Pain, Sore Feet, and more

Ankle Bracing

Dr. Barnett uses advanced bracing techniques to effectively fit devices that tailor to the lifestyle and injury of each patient. The widest array of designs and styles for football, soccer, basketball, running and more. From no ankle motion up to 100% ankle motion, each brace is hand selected by Dr. Barnett to fit the patients needs.

Conditions to Treat:

Ankle Sprains, Avulsion Fractures, Ligament Laxity, Arthritis, Tendon Strains, Achilles Injury, Auto Accidents

Antifungal Nail Polish

With a full line of colors, medical grade nail polish provides the salon pedicure look with anti-fungal medicine to prevent fungus from forming on the nails.

Conditions to Treat:

Nail fungus prevention

Compression Socks

With foot and ankle in mind, varying compression strength socks that are much easier on and off than traditional stockings and can still have room for your socks and regular shoes.

Conditions to Treat:

Sprains, Edema, Pain, Injury, Nerve Pain

Surgery Rehab Kit

Fully customizable or standard surgery kits will provide everything needed to get your through your surgery effectively and comfortably without having to make stops at the store right after your operation. Options include shower bags, cream, compression, ice therapy, vitamins, supplements. Each product is geared to help speed up recovery and get you back on your feet.

Conditions to Treat:

Post Surgery

Vitamin D

The building block for healthy immune system and vital for healing bone injury and surgery. Our easy once a week pill is maximum strength and easy to keep up with.

Conditions to Treat:

Nonunioon fractures
Delayed wound healing
Delayed bone healing

Silagen Silicon Scar Cream

Revolutionary medical grade silicon gel and scar strips. Eliminate a scar before it can form. SPF also prevents dark scarring with sun exposure.

Conditions to Treat:

Painful, hypertrophic scar
Surgical incisions
Inflamed cut
Hypertrophied tissue

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