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Back to Normal, Local Hero Article

Celebrating Dr. Zackery Barnett: A Local Hero in Our Community Helping Others Get Back 2 Normal & Beyond

Back to Normal - Local Hero Article

Dr. Zackery Barnett, the dedicated force behind Align Foot and Ankle, stands as a true local hero whose commitment to improving lives is an inspiration to us all. His journey from a college volunteer at a charity walk to becoming a revered podiatrist is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the well-being of his community.

Dr. Barnett’s story is rooted in compassion and a desire to make a difference. It all began during those three days at the charity walk, where he witnessed the physical toll that long walks took on participants’ feet. It was in that moment that his calling to specialize in the intricacies of foot care was ignited.

His path led him through the rigorous training at the University of Louisville’s Level 1 Trauma Center, where he honed his surgical skills and deepened his commitment to healing. Over six years of service in private podiatry practices, he continued to expand his expertise and, more importantly, recognized the importance of treating the whole person, not just the ailment.

Dr. Barnett’s approach goes beyond medical care; it’s about empowerment through education, innovative treatments, and good old-fashioned customer service. He has touched countless lives, not only with his medical expertise but also with his compassionate heart. Dr. Zackery Barnett is a local hero who reminds us all of the positive impact one person can have on a community’s well-being.

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